Welcome to Planet Narcolepsy! Our goal is to spread awareness about Narcolepsy and related disorders, as well as bring together patients, their support people, and the medical community to create a safe haven for people to interact, find reputable resources, and support each other. Check out the Snooze Button for the latest site updates, and be sure to register and create a profile so you can join us in the group chats and forums.

We look forward to getting to know you!

Planet Narcolepsy’s Mission is…

…To promote Narcolepsy awareness and understanding among the general public and dispel the media-fed stereotypes and myths about this potentially devastating condition.

…To provide quick and easy access to verified, reliable information about Narcolepsy to patients and their families frustrated by the seeming lack of resources currently available.

…To be a safe and comfortable support network for people with Narcolepsy of all ages where they can feel free to express themselves and be understood by others who have had the same experiences.

…To give physicians of all specialties access to a valuable research tool and the most educational condition-specific resource available in the world for any known medical conditions—hundreds, if not thousands, of patients.

…To someday never have another man, woman, or child suffer years of confusion, mental anguish, self doubt, unnecessary testing, or harsh statements like, “suck it up. You’re just lazy.”

…To never be alone.


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